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I started photographing my pets and family at a young age. I could always capture them at the right moment with the perfect expressions. Photography has always been a passion. I took a little detour to study law, yet the passion for film and photography were overwhelming. Capturing the perfect still made me smile from ear to ear. So in 2000 I leaped into my passion.

My motto has always been- a birth certificate shows the world you were born, a death certificate shows the world you died, but a photo shows the world you lived." I want to capture life.

My work can be seen in magazines, on billboards, on websites, on posters and so much more. I love it when brides, directors, actors, actresses, models, and day to day people use my work and display it proudly. " I truly believe photos tell what life is all about.

As a child I had a vivid imagination, so even to this day I believe the best photos come when you imagine greatness and fall into it. *When you can dress up is always a big plus*

I am a passionate perfectionist with an eye for beauty, life, love and capturing the right moments at the right time. I am confident in my work and you will not be disappointed.


" Bernadette has the ability to make you feel like you have known her forever, it shows in her work. She is amazing . Her photography and the memories will forever grace our picture walls." - The Hargrove Family

If you would like to step in front of my camera and experience the effects of my passion to paint your canvas, shoot me an email. I'd be happy to hear from you.

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Houston, Texas

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